CIRCA UK goes Facebook

December 10th, 2012 by Capten Cyboli

This website is obviously pretty much obsolete operationally, though it contains some great stuff still. CIRCA in the UK has gone all (red) Facebook and you’re invited to make a new model army with us at

Capten Cyboli (DSO,VC, CIA, retd.)

Training in London, arming up for Faslane

February 17th, 2012 by Capten Cyboli

Big Shoe Camp training weekend 3rd & 4th March 2012 – London. 10am – 5pm at the Buddhist Arts Centre, Eastbourne House, Bullards Place, London E2 0PT, 5 minutes from Bethnal Green tube. Contact ‘Arry’  on 07711717634
or at

Anyone who wants to join us, we will talk aboutgoing to Faslane in June to support the Peace Camp during a month of acion. Polices are welcome to join us as long as being your own sandwiches, drive us where we want to go in your vans. and promise not to try to shag us. Daily Mail journalist can come too as long as you pay for everything and try not to goosestep when you march :0)

Angelsey 21st Jan 2012

January 23rd, 2012 by Capten Cyboli

A Gaggle of Clowns from west Wales supported action against building Wylfa B on ‘Energy Island’ because nuclear power simply isn’t funny.

Big Shoe Camp London March 2012

December 23rd, 2011 by Capten Cyboli

with Trŵper Tŵp & Capten Cyboli. As well as delving into the world of the trickster within us all, we will be working towards establishing a new affinity group for creative non-violent direct action. Sound good? Then join us on the 3rd& 4th March between 10am – 5pm at the Buddhist Arts Centre, Eastbourne House, Bullards Place, London E2 0PT, 5 minutes from Bethnal Green tube. Participants will need to commit to both days. Facilitated by Trŵper Tŵp and Capten Cyboli of CIRCA this is a non-profit event and so to cover costs we suggest a minimum donation of £20. Booking and a small deposit are essential to reserve a place: Contact Ariane on 07711717634 or at The training is physical (but not strenuous) so do wear loose, comfortable clothing. Participants are requested to bring food to share.

Big Shoe Camp in the Big City

November 8th, 2011 by Capten Cyboli

Looks like there will be a Big-Shoe training camp in London in February 2012. Space this watch!

March 26th Londinium

April 2nd, 2011 by Capten Cyboli


Arg. Early morning start (definately not a sensible time to be putting on requisite floppy shoes), hurrying through dark streets hyped on too much coffee… The things we clowns do

March the 26th was a good day – despite the media reports of ‘violence on the streets of London’ there was also a whole lot of beauty on the streets that day. We skipped around a river of people on the Embankment while young policemen desperately tried to cajole us all back onto the pavement, receiving waves and smiles from passing buses.
A deafening roar of whistles and horns and (…vuvuzelas!?!) drums accompanying as we set about making sure everything obeyed correct Clown Operating Procedure (er… C.O.P.. *honk*). There were a lot of strange figures in yellow and black standing in lines along the edges of the march, seeing as they seemed to be having so much fun we joined them. They weren’t quite sure about that because they kept on looking around at each other – of course we had to see what was so interesting but couldn’t see anything but other Clowns! Strange.
One of them even told us that he didn’t know what Kettles and kettling was, so we had to explain it to them (something you do to tea apparently..) and offered to help out but he didn’t think that was a good idea. Not put out, we decided to investigate this kettling thing later.
Pheww.. A lot of marching… We kept an eye on proceedings, realising that the Unions had brought giant floating volleyballs tried to organise a quick tournament, and that the little helicopters everywhere didn’t respond to Clown Remote. Drat. Also a lot of photy opportunities going on – someone even tried to interview us Clowns! We thought that the British public had probably heard enough clownish views from the people in the Big Westminster HQ. This was getting hard work, so a welcome sit down from a friendly Convergence free-space specially set up just for the purpose of recharging tired demonstrators afforded a quick breather (there were so many moments like this, of lovely people offering encouragement to each other).
And then onto Oxford Street, and the street was…. littered.
Littered with police guarding private businesses; Topman, Topshop, McDonalds (*hiss*), Gap, Natwest, HSBC, Aquascutum (watery something- err), Santander and many more. Littered with smashed windows and drying paint, and absolutely covered with funny, witty street theatre. A troupe of Robin Hood’s in tights following the police vans (“…is that the Sheriff of Nottingham?…”). The Love Police getting disgracefully flowery over everyone. Sit-downs outside of shops with beat poets deserving a loud clown clap, and the dancers!
Forming a hasty clown-line to order this rabble up and these people suddenly started performing in the space cleared around us! Very naughty indeed and attracted quite a crowd of other naughty people in the middle of the street. They seemed to think that they were allowed to have fun!
We managed to get ourselves accidentally Kettled quite a few times, but then forgot who was kettling whom and had to let ourselves go. The police on the other hand were easy to Kettle, because they all stood together in big groups. Suspicious congregating of people indeed!
Pooped by now the clown forces started to retire, happy with our contribution. On For one afternoon the centre of the capital was filled with voices of outrage and of laughter. Businesses were closed, profits diminished in all of our acts of Reclamation. These things surely remind us all that We Are The Alternative.
Petty Officer Odd (P.O.O) & General Disgust (At The State Of The World Today) (Special Clown Farces)…

London 26th March march

February 12th, 2011 by Capten Cyboli

Any demo that is against cuts in pubic spending
And in favour of alternative jobs (with the circus)
Needs a Rebel Clown Army to march in support (stockings)
Let’s get (it) together!
The main march starts from Victoria Embankment
Any Clowns want to propose some other meet up places along the way during the day?

Jam the tax dodgers, tax the piggy banks, and give us green jobs!

Capten Cyboli

Hello Bristol

January 5th, 2011 by Capten Cyboli

Yawn, stretch… Hello Bristolian Brigade. There are still some survivors up here in Wales – let’s get together and make some trubba soon ;-)


July 30th, 2010 by Bristol Clown Army



Bethanxings, Majorly General Grobbly Gribbly


May 7th, 2010 by Capten Cyboli

For the benefit of CIRCA regi-mental records-clerks and recruiting sergeants, some re-sauces: