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You've found the home page for the hairy jedi which aspires to be a melting pot for pagans, activists, anarchists, mystics, jedi, witches, autonomists and others who are working towards the collapse of the Empire.

If paganism or activism interest you, then read on!

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Out now: Liber Malorum: Children Of The Apple - a 523 page book woven by Sean Scullion (that's one of the entities I share a body with). Quick! Make haste and buy several copies! You know you want to.

My blog

I've set up my own weblog and will keep track of my paganism, activism and other daily ongoings there. Go Visit!
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A load of articles produced by the hairy jedi over the past several years including , an article about tuning into The Force and many others about politics, the occult, paganism and activism. A full list of articles is available here.

In 2002, many activists made the trip to Woomera to highlight Australia's shocking concentration camps very few people knew about. In 2003, people made the voyage out to Baxter to further draw attention to children that have never known freedom. In 2004, with many asylum seekers moved offshore on remote island prisons, activists are planning the Flotillas Of Hope to set sail and bring hope to the people the Australian government hopes you forget about.

I am currently a developer for the excellent Secure Cryptographic Instant Messaging software.
Check it out if your privacy is important to you. (and add "sean" to your list of friends.)